Introducing WSO2 Carbon 5 (C5)

Kishanthan's Blog

Carbon 5 will be the next generation of WSO2 Carbon Platform.

Over the years, the existing carbon platform was used to build different set of products at WSO2 and helped implementing many solutions. The platform has gained maturity over time. This maturity and the experiences acquired over time, helped to identify the areas which can be improved or can be implemented using a better way in carbon platform.

Carbon Kernel is the base framework for all the WSO2 products. The core concepts of kernel such as deployment, clustering, configuration and context model, multi-tenancy, etc are inspired from and developed using the kernel architecture of Apache Axis2. The Apache Axis2 is a web-services engine. But its is also a server framework with the run-time and configuration model, which can be run independently. This was adopted at carbon kernel and this made carbon kernel tightly coupled with Apache Axis2.

Another point is…

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