How do programmers code so quickly?

Quoting a post on Quora Digest,

  • They know how to use their keyboards to do work. Keyboards are way faster than mouse once you know how to use them. They’re also more amenable to muscle memory. Are you clicking around to open new files? When I’m coding I barely touch my mouse.
  • They know how to use their tools, especially on the command-line. Ctrl+R for reverse search, Ctrl+A/E for beginning/end of lines, for auto-completing filenames, etc. These become muscle memory after a point.
  • They are very good at debugging and are likely to isolate, identify, and resolve a bug 100x quicker than a beginner. This isn’t just because they “know more.” Oftentimes they know just as much as you, but have a more disciplined approach to finding the source of unexpected problems.
  • They have a better sense of where to look for information and aren’t afraid to navigate through manpages or even source code to understand how some other system is behaving. If I’m having trouble with a poorly-documented Ruby gem, for example, I’ll often look at the gem’s source code to see if I can make sense of what’s going wrong. I’d say 90% of the time this is quicker than Google.

More insight in to debugging – Debugging — Experts vs. Novices

Cheers Folks, Happy Coding  🙂


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