QUESTION: Is David Moyes under-performing as manager of Manchester United, or was SAF over-achieving in the last few seasons?


Classy! Only fair that I give this city fan gold for the golden words. From one fan to another.If you have the time please do go through this [1] it’s worth every bit of your valuable time. The opinion of a City fan about Moyes and the current (2013/2014) situation of the United team. it was an absolutely brilliant and beautiful, great post. answer as follows

” Neither.

This is one of those times where the modern media really fails us as football fans in explaining exactly what has happened at Manchester United. I often complain that they focus too much on irrelevance and not enough on the actual business of football behind the scenes and this is an example of where it could have helped.

I’m not sure what anybody else was expecting here but Man United are right about where I thought they would be. I think they’ll finish higher than this but their form is somewhat predictable.

United as a Club has completely fell apart and it is the job of David Moyes to rebuild it. It has fell apart because the Club in the modern era was built entirely to Ferguson’s exacting standards and methods. Every single person in every department of the Club knew what they were doing every day and what the ultimate point was.

Clubs falling apart after the movement of a Czar isn’t new. United fell apart after Busby left, Liverpool got worse the more contrived the boot room system became. It’s natural.

I think United fans should remember the words of Ferguson before he left. He’s a proper football man, as is David Moyes, and they both know the scale of the task Moyes has undertaken and the time it will take to bear fruit. United can either studiously water their crops over time to create a vast sustainable empire once again that will provide riches for generations or they can dump nuclear waste on their land and grow tomacco.

For me, the real test of the Glazers as owners starts today. You can talk about money and whatever but to most people it’s an irrelevance, United have been ultra successful and the manager has been given what he wanted. So far so good for the Glazers. The test starts right now because we discover whether they are the seasoned and patient businessmen that the Edwards family were or just another kneejerk bunch of twats who are sacking managers on ridiculous timescales.

I think Moyes has certainly made mistakes, or rather a single mistake. I think he tried to transition too quickly from Ferguson’s staff to his own staff in the first team which created unneccesary pressure on himself. This can be forgiven however as I see what he was trying to accomplish. He knew that this would be a difficult period of transition and he wants to snap it as quickly as possible rather than do it piece by piece. Managers often do lack patience in transition, AVB had the same problem at Chelsea. Funnily, Ferguson did the same mistake when he first joined too.

I see people who have called Moyes unambitious because he has said that United played well when they didn’t. This is a man who had a job for life in a stable Premier League team where he was beloved and he decided to pack that in and move to the most famous Club in the world and succeed the best ever manager in the game, to take on a rebuilding job the like of which has never been done in the modern era of football. Unambitious? Do me a favour.

You see, Manchester United was a club built in Ferguson’s own image and everybody took their lead from him. He was an imposing figure yet if you meet him he had this working class charm that made you want to fight for him. David Moyes is a similar figure but doesn’t yet covet the same respect and loyalty from everybody at Manchester United. There’s no possible way that he could, that anybody could, most of the people at United were directly employed by Ferguson or employed whilst he was the manager. In time, Moyes will have the same respect bestowed on him, that’s all that it needs at the minute, just some time for him to get his feet under the table.

Some fans believe that David Moyes isn’t the man for United. I challenge the idea that they even understand what United is as a Club. David Moyes is pretty much the prototypical Manchester United manager, if you had to walk away and design a man who would manage them, it is him. He’s fierce, he’s tactically well versed, he has a superhuman work ethic, he believes in youth promotion, he plays with wingers, he inspires loyalty and fight from everybody around him. Those who don’t see this have never been to Everton away under his tenure there. Moyes managed to turn that place into a lion’s den in how ferocious the atmosphere was and how the team played, and make no mistake this developed under him and will wane without him, managers have a major effect on atmospheres as any United fan will tell you (or City fan for that matter), he will do the same to Old Trafford given time.

So I suppose the problem here is that fans have underestimated the mammoth of a task that Moyes has to accomplish and pundits have over-simplified it. It will take Moyes several years to get United built in his own image and it will be better off for it rather than start some roundabout of managerial changes. And I warn United fans, I’m a fan of a Club that has had probably 30 managers in the past 30 years. Once you start down this path of swapping in and out managers, you can never come back from it.

One last thing to note. I find it interesting how many people when this was announced said things like “Moyes will need a transition time” but have now decided that he should be gone in January. Transition time is a term used to denote the time it takes to sweep away the mentality of the old regime and bring in your own mentality. Essentially, how long it takes to forget the old manager and buy into the thoughts of the new even if it conflicts with what the old manager would say. For a manager who casts the shadow of Ferguson, this will take 3 or 4 years, not 3 or 4 months. Bobby Charlton, Alex Ferguson and others at United understand this so appointed a manager who can rebuild United and have the wide shoulders it requires to bear the load of expectation from the fans and media. They think they found their right man in David Moyes and all piss taking aside, so do I. I hope that they both fight his corner in the boardroom and I’m sure they will. These people understand United as a Club, understand what makes it successful and understand what makes it special.

Moyes will be fine if the fans just shut up and let him do his job. ”  So I quote and unquote

Believe !!!! Best is always yet to come 🙂

[1] Original post : on Reddit


Top Sri Lankan Asshole moments

I found this very interesting and if you find anything offensive, its your problem not mine ..!!

  • Ol)EL Is the only place which has clothes in SL
  • My real name is “SAMANWATHI PETERAARACHCHIGE” but I just use “SAM PETERS” on Facebook
  • you tell me that price in dollars and i don’t mind spending it, tell it to me in Rupees and I’ll get a heart attack
  • Please judge me by my car!! And if it’s a diesel, note that it’s more expensive than a petrol model.
  • If my ride has a higher seating position, that is supposed to represent my higher status than others.
  • More than the chemical effect I get from an alcohol bottle, I prefer to open it in front of hundreds of fellow fools. This would display that I have the capacity to pay extra for the same bottle and I expect you to judge me by this.
  • Please look at my number plates If they are red or someshit, my father must be losing his dignity in front of somebody just to show the rest of the world that we are “powerful” people
  • If I wear sarong to an event, that means I’m so posh that I passed the level of pants and then wanted to get highlighted with something splashy like this
  • I paid so much for these shades, so I deserve to wear it in the dark
  • If I display a politician’s photo or a poster on my car, I expect you to think that I’m pretty close to them so don’t mess with me.
  • Whenever I get a time I go to “hikkaduwa” because you know!! It’s the cool place to go, and u know what I do there right?? (I also don’t mind paying like 250/= for a cheese rotti)
  • Whatever I do, I need to end up in pillawoos with ice-milo and koththu, and I promise I’ll act like I have never seen koththu in my life before
  • I just want a small transit in a western country and I swear I’ll get a new accent and start laughing back at my own culture cause its cool like that
  • Please note what’s in my profile picture, if it’s a car its mine, if its people, those are the people I hang out with. It’s not what describes me the best, it’s what I need to be described as
  • It’s a shame to listen to Sinhalese music regardless of what it is, so I listen to it when others are not around, never play it in my ride
  • British fucked my great-grandparents in many ways, so whatever they do now, I need to grasp it before the others do
  • If I carry a DSLR with a long lens, I’m a professional. And the longest lens wins
  • Person who can drink the most isn’t the person with the most messed up body, it is the “pora”
  • Drinking is the only leisure activity that needs to be done in this world
  • ARUGAMBAY replaces last generations bata/SHOES and any other footwear
  • Beach shorts would replace sarong and everything else
  • Why won’t the rest of the world wear sports shoes for anything between dinners to a little below a wedding?? Ehhh that bugger has  splashier shoes L
  • Success is where you don’t let anybody overtake you in the street; I could bloody sacrifice my life for it. Fastest driver is the most productive in life
  • Cricket is the only sport in Sri Lanka, it is also the national sport* doing any other sport is just stupid
  • Inching into the intersection while the lights are red gets me closer to the destination right??
  • Thank you parents for putting me to a big school, now people will judge me by my school
  • Hey look!! I have an HP laptop bag!! But my laptop is some other brand
  • Got to spend all my money on a mobile phone, it’s alright if I don’t put credit on it. I can’t pull out credits out of my pocket in awkward moments and pay my attention to it right??
  • You can also judge me by who my father is
  • I feel so insecure with my personality, I’m going to hire some bodyguards
  • Got up!!…Let me update my status saying “I had a good night last night” and that I’ve got a hangover.
  • Wait now….so we have different political views?? Why aren’t we fighting on it?? Rest of the world will give a shit about our fight and I expect you’r leader to convert to my side in the end of the conversation.
  • Ahh…!!A posh place!! Let’s take a photo with all the booze and do a check-in on Facebook
  • I don’t exactly know Sinhalese, but let me borrow some filth from its vocabulary cause it’ll sound nice
  • Let’s go to that horse or rice and drink, kids can stay out and drink until the police come.
  • alright..!! drunk now, lets pull a fight.
  • I need to support Manchester united or some team of that sort, no need to think of how I could help my country to get there
  • So does your car have heated seats,cruise control and day running lights?? I’ll be needing it in Galle Road noh meya!!
  • Look!! I got this new Japanese tattoo, don’t know what it means though
  • So u think I can’t drive?? let’s sacrifice our lives just to impress you
  • The horn in the vehicle is to let know my presence, not to indicate a danger
  • Cars with stickers,2 doors, some extra fiberglass and the loudest beat is a “SPORTS car”
  • I only drive my jeep to work, but I need two spare wheels and and a shovel at the back just in case it gets stuck in duplication road
  • looking at a quote on a three wheeler and laughing at that tiny grammatical error. he should’ve done an English degree before he chose to be a three wheel driver.
  • carrying a million rupees around your neck and complaining you got raped and the necklace got stolen in “PETTAH”
  • I just need a spare moment to go to a corner in the street and start looking for a lighter
  • Somehow I need to pop my face in to that weekly  l<ama colombo=”” photo=”” album=”” on=”” facebook=””></ama>
  • I’m going to spend a hundred thousand rupees on a air-ticket because I can shop for cheaper there…!!
  • I’ve got enough oil in my hair to risk an American invasion. Deal with it.

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Beginner’s Guide to Waterfall Photography

I recommend you to go through this [1] article which really helps me/you to learn very basics of shooting waterfalls and the inclusion of settings for various scenes is a great and valuable addition.

Moral of the story as follows,

Usage of each equipment

  • Tripod -It will allow you to compose your scene very precisely and give you the flexibility you need if you decide to shoot long exposures
  • Circular polarizing filter – This is an essential piece of equipment when photographing water to allow you to remove reflections and glare from the water’s surface.
  • Natural density (ND) filter – If you decide to shoot a long exposure and it happens to be the middle of the day when there is a lot of light, you will need this gray-tinted piece of glass placed in front of your lens. It blocks some of the light from hitting your sensor, allowing you to use a slower shutter speed. These are sold in varying strengths, and can be stacked for different levels of light absorption.
  • Lens cloth – Useful for cleaning water spray off of your lens or filter.

Field techniques

  • When you arrive at any scene, the first thing to ask yourself is, “What makes this place unique?”. Pay special attention to that quality.
  • Bracket your shots to make sure you get the best possible exposure – this means taking several pictures using different apertures and shutter speeds, and also making several different images using the camera’s exposure compensation (+/-) to brighten or darken each shot to a different degree. See your camera’s manual for specific instructions on how to use these features.
  • Shoot in the uncompressed RAW format to allow for more flexible fine tuning in post processing. RAW images must be processed with a compatible photo editing program, or software that was included with your camera.
  • Experiment – most of all, don’t get stuck making the same type of photograph all the time. Try to make a long exposure, a fast exposure, some detail shots, and try different perspectives so you come home with a variety of images from your photo shoot.


Keep Shooting 🙂


Effective logging practices ease enterprise development

There are tons of logging frameworks out there including  log4j, but the right one for you will depend on your platform and system.

The best logging techniques will depend largely on your platform and the design of your system. You need to know/decide how much information you need to diagnose a particular type of problem. Generally, you should instrument your code in a way that does not require a lot of code repetition or modification. You should also be able to modify the level of logging (Low through Verbose) through configuration without having to shut down or restart any services.

The moral of the story is to :

  • Know the need of logging
  • Understand the options available and which suits you best (varies with Platform/OS/etc)
  • Plan the strategy in advance before implementation.
  • Keep reviewing the make changes.

Happy Coding 🙂


[1] Effective logging practices ease enterprise development

What Are Pull Parsing and Push Parsing?

so it is essential to understand the meaning and the concept behind pull parsing. XML documents can be parsed using a “pull-based” or a “push-based” (StAX) process. Pull parsing is a recent trend in XML processing. The previously popular XML processing frameworks, such as SAX and DOM, were “push-based” (SAX); this meant that parsing control was in the hands of the parser itself. This approach is fine and easy to use, but it was not efficient in handling large XML documents because a complete memory model will be generated in the memory. Pull parsing inverts the control; therefore, the parser proceeds only at the user’s command. The user can decide to store or discard events generated from the parser. OM is based on pull parsing.

Addition resources

Happy Coding 🙂

Beginner’s Guide to Apache Axis2

This tutorial is useful for anyone trying to introduce themselves to potential technologies that comprise an SOA environment.

Must Read – Apache Axis2 Web Services 2nd edition by Afkham Azeez and Deepal Jayasinghe.

Happy Coding 🙂